Vehicle Import Extension Letter


Recently, a long standing regulation regarding temporary vehicle importation paperwork has been enforced. It is now required that when you renew or change status of your visa you are required to advise Aduana of that change of status and receive paperwork from them to carry in your vehicle. Failure to do so can, apparently, result in your vehicle being impounded. This is something that many people were unaware of because it was not enforced. Now it is. (As an addendum, if you imported your vehicle before 2011, this process is not needed but it is advised to do so since local police might not be up-to-date on all of the new regulations.)

Below is a link to an editable Word document, in Spanish, that is needed to apply for this vehicle extension. Simply open or save the document and insert the pertinent information that is highlighted in brackets and delete the actual brackets. Print it out and present it to Aduana.

Along with 2 copies of this letter you will need originals and 2 copies of the original vehicle importation paperwork you received when entering Mexico, your passport, your newly renewed visa and a utility bill to prove your place of residence. It is also advisable to have a copy of your Mexican vehicle insurance with you at all times. 

This letter is applicable to the Aduana office in Progreso, Yucatan. When you present all this paperwork to Aduana, they will stamp all the copies and hand you back the original documents and one set of copies. You will be instructed to return in 3 days to get the final paperwork to carry in your vehicle. (I recommend waiting 5 days, just to be sure everything is completed)

As of late 2012, you will need to show your paperwork to the office that is located just west of the entrance to the pier at the corner of calle 82 and calle 25 (Just so they know why you need access to the pier). It is a large white building with blue trim. There is a window facing the street. There, they will request your visa in exchange for a pass to access the pier. Once you are admitted onto the pier, drive past the large Pemex building that is obvious from shore and continue on for a couple of KM. There are signs directing you to a "crossover" to the Aduana parking lot. You will need to go to the yellowish building on the left and enter what appears to be a warehouse. This is where the first step of the process begins. The officials will stamp/sign everything and give you back one set of copies. When you return 3-5 days later you go to the same parking lot but go to the white Aduana building on the right to pick up the finalized paperwork.

This procedure will have to be repeated each year after renewing your visa.


Vehicle import extension letter