El Nido's Visa Renewal Advice

This is a copy of a post by Yolisto member ELNIDO, with many thanks for the recap.


                                                                          (Please keep in mind that location references apply to Progreso, Yucatan.)

    "We just picked up our renewed FM3s in September 2012 in Progreso and this is all that was needed. I confirmed with the officer the number of copies so I could report it here. I can't speak for FM2s."

1) ONLINE FORM: Fill out this online form up to 30 days prior to your first visit to INM
http://www.inm.gob.m...tud_de_Estancia . Copy/paste the web address into google translate (in a separate tab) if you need to see the questions in English, but don't fill the form out there. After you've saved and submitted the form online, print one copy to take with you.

2) PASSPORT: On the online form, if you use your Passport as your ID you'll need one copy and it doesn't need to be in color. If you use your FM3 as your ID, you do not need a copy of your passport at all.

3) FM3: Your original plastic card FM3. They don't need any copies.

4) REQUEST LETTER: One copy of a letter, in Spanish, requesting your visa renewal. I have one in a Word file that you can use by putting your information in place of mine. If you want it, send me a PM with your email address and I'll send it to you.

5) BANK STATEMENTS: You do not need bank statements or proof of income for FM3 renewals until the 5th year. Ours were new in 2008 and we needed the bank statement then showing sufficient monthly deposits. The deposits were all the proof of income needed. We won't need bank statements again until 2013.

6) CFE BILL: A current utility bill (electric or water) showing your residence address. It can be an original or a copy and it doesn't have to be in color.

THAT'S IT. We walked in at 11:50 am and signed in. She looked our papers over, printed us a bill to be paid at any bank, and gave us an appointment for the next week. We were back in our car at 12:05.

Prior to our set appointment, we paid our renewal bill at a bank and had our pictures taken across the street from the post office at Bermudez (north side of the road on calle 31 between 78 & 80).

On appointment day you'll need ...

1) RECEIPT: Bank receipt that you paid for the FM3 renewal.

2) PHOTOS: Three front view, two side. You'll get extras at Bermudez and can use them next year.

You'll sign here, sign there and thumb prints. She'll laminate your new card and ta-da, YOU'RE DONE!
Again ... 15 minutes.